CS Series Cone Crusher

product introduce: Cone crusher is mainly used for secondary and tertiary crushing technology of metal mines and construction sand and stone processing. The hydraulic cone crusher sand production line has many applications in the crushing of hard materials such as pebbles, granite and iron stones in river course due to its strong crushing capacity and large output.

Applications: Sand and stone field, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing station, dry powder mortar, power plant desulphurization, quartz sand, etc.


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CS series high efficient cone crusher is mainly used for metal mine secondary, tertiary crushing process and construction sand and gravel processing, according to customer demand, and on the basis of the principle of laminating crushing more crushing less grinding machine concept design research and development high oscillation frequency set to optimize cavity type and stroke in a body's modern high performance spring cone crusher, machine performance advantages make it not only can gravel, sand, and the combination of the real system resistance to wear and unloading is very good, is one of today's mining crushing equipment.


1、By using cavity optimization design and reasonable rotation speed and stroke, the machine tool can do more work under the same diameter cone, and adopt the optimized structure of fixed spindle and small spherical shaft, which is 5%-15% higher than the old spring cone folding efficiency.

2、The large diameter spindle and heavy frame ensure the equipment is durable and reliable.Multi-point controlled vertical thin oil lubrication system ensures double protection of bearing lubrication.Automatic protective equipment and automatic control system can realize automatic protection.

3、All parts can be disassembled and assembled from upper or side sides for easy removal of fixed and moving cone assembly.The hydraulic cavity cleaning system can quickly clean up the broken cavity, greatly reducing the downtime.

4、Large production capacity, high reliability, convenient maintenance, greatly reduced production costs.

5、High degree of automation, with hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic cleaning cavity setting.

Working Principle

Motor through the triangle, big belt wheel, a transmission axis, a small bevel gear, bevel gear drive the eccentric sleeve, broken cone axis under the forced motion of eccentric shaft sleeve do swings, makes the broken wall surface and sometimes near and sometimes leave the surface of the rolling mortar wall, which make the material of the cone and cone annular crushing cavity continuously hit, extrusion and bending and crushing. After several times of extrusion, impact and bending, the material is broken to the required particle size by the lower discharge.


Model Dia. mm (feet) Cavity Feed Opening Outlet Setting (mm) Shaft Speed (r/min) Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Weight (t) Dimension (mm)
Closing Side (mm) Open Side (mm)
CSB75 900 (3') Fine 83 102 9-22 580 75(100) 45-91 12.2 2821×1880×2164
Coarse 159 175 13-38 59-163
CSB160 1295 (4 1/4') Fine 109 137 13-31 485 185(250) 109-181 23.8 2800×2342×2668
Medium 188 210 16-31 132-253
Coarse 216 241 19-51 172-349
CSB240 1650 (5 1/2') Fine 188 209 16-38 485 240(320) 181-327 55 3911×2870×3771
Medium 213 241 22-51 258-417
Coarse 241 268 25-64 299-635

Model Dia. mm (feet) Cavity Feed Opening Outlet Setting (mm) Shaft Speed (r/min) Power (kw) Capacity (t/hour) Weight (t) Dimension (mm)
Closing Side (mm) Open Side (mm)
CSD75 914 (3') Fine 13 41 3-13 580 75(100) 27-90 12.2 2821×1880×2410
Coarse 33 60 3-16 27-100
CSD160 1295 (4 1/4') Fine 29 64 3-16 485 160(220) 36-163 23.8 2800×2342×2668
Medium 54 89 6-16 82-163
Coarse 70 105 10-25 109-227
CSD240 1676 (5 1/2') Fine 35 70 5-13 485 240(320) 90-209 55 3917×2870×3771
Medium 54 89 6-19 136-281
Coarse 98 133 10-25 190-336