HJ Jaw Crusher

product introduce:HJ high-energy jaw broken is integrated with low energy consumption high productivity of high-performance crusher, can be widely used in metal and non-metallic mineral cement building sand industry such as metallurgy, materials strength up to 320 mp broken proved HJ series of high-energy jaw broken because of superior performance and reliable quality and high cost performance, become the traditional jaw crusher ideal upgrade alternative products.

Applications:It is widely used in the fields of crushing, cement, construction, transportation, sand and stone aggregate, metallurgy, water conservancy and hydropower, stone industry, and comprehensive utilization of urban construction waste.


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HJ series high energy, jaw crusher is a modern high performance crusher which integrates low energy consumption,Track on the basis of introducing and advanced technology at home and abroadAccording to the actual needs of the customer site, based on the design concept of high input and high output,... it is... that HJ series high-energy jaw crusher has won the trust of customers with its superior performance, reliable quality and cost performance, and is the upgrade of traditional jaw crusher.


1、By optimizing the trajectory and cavity shape of the moving claw and selecting a good meshing Angle and motion characteristic value, the output of the machine under the same power can be greatly improved.

2、Through the optimization of the whole structure and the weight of the model, the structure and the weight of the flywheel and trough wheel are determined, which greatly improves the vibration of the model.Compared with the jaw crusher of the same specification, it has higher stability.

3、This machine adopts e-type frame and heat treatment forging eccentric shaft, equipped with super-large bearing and combined with labyrinth seal design to make the equipment durable and reliable.

4、The replacement operation of the elbow plate is fully considered in the equipment structure design, and the advanced jaw plate and side guard plate bolt fixing system is adopted.The fixation of jaw plate and side guard plate is more reliable, the replacement is more convenient and quick, and the downtime is greatly reduced.

5、The machine is compact, high - strength and breaks hard rock and ore.Compared to a jaw crusher of the same size, this machine covers a small area, allowing it to play a greater role in limited Spaces for a wide variety of crushing processes.

Working Principle

HJ series of high-energy jaw crusher is mainly composed of frame of rotor parts of security device and vent is adjusting device of the auxiliary part lubricating system regulating system of HJ high-energy jaw crusher series is the stone of the bending and compression crushing manner, motor drive the host sheave through v-belt, to drive the eccentric shaft to rotate the pawl dynamic grip when drivers move the clamping jaw plate to clamp jaw plate, material is crushed or split when activity jaw jaw body activity away from the fixed jaw, crushed material from the exhaust outlet jaw plate with continuous rotation of the motor, HJ jaw crusher broken and periodic discharge.


Model HJ98 HJ110 HJ125
Input opening size (mm) 650×980 800×1100 950×1250
Max feeding particle size (mm) 560 660 800
Adjustment range of discharging (mm) 100-200 100-200 125-225
capacity (t/h) 170-410 215-510 306-650
Rotation speed of eccentric shaft (r/min) 270 260 230
Motor power (kW) 90/125 110/150 132/175
Overall dimension (mm) 2470×2000×2180 2875×2472×2530 3320×2600×3120
Diagram 2 supporting equipments parameter
Model HJ98 HJ110 HJ125
Electromotor Y315L1-8 Y315L2-8 Y335M1-8
Hydraulic jack RC-10T RC-10T RC-15T
Electric cabinet 90 /110 Kw 110/132Kw 132/160Kw