Impact Crusher

product introduce:Our extensive impact crusher is uniquely suited for fine crushing applications.Specially designed impact crusher can produce excellent particle shape and is an ideal tool for making sand. It is widely used in quarrying, quarrying, gravel and other industries.

Applications:sand and stone field, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing station, dry powder mortar, power plant desulphurization, quartz sand, etc.


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Rocky impact crusher, impact crusher is also called are widely used in the concentrator of quarrying stone gravel industries in a quarry and are used in power plant, is a kind of important impact crushing equipment company has a good impact crusher, has thousands of PF series of impact crusher are sold to all over the world impact crusher is a kind of crushing machinery, is a kind of ideal crushing equipment, widely used in granite limestone concrete compressive strength is less than 500 mm diameter does not exceed 350 mpa materials of coarse fine crushing impact crusher in the mining railway highway cement stone industryConstruction and other industries have good applications.


1、The small pieces of sand and stone after crushing can be re-added by the equipment to become qualified sand and stone, which can be used as raw materials directly without other equipment for secondary treatment, saving cost.

2、Simple structure, low cost, stable operation, high efficiency, energy saving, cost of material self-lining impeller and eddy current crushing cavity greatly reduce wear parts and maintenance workload, and effectively solve the problem of "iron pollution" in the glass and other raw materials crushing process, and low fault rate in the "steel" steel slag crushing process.

3、The air in the vortex chamber circulates by itself with less dust and noise.Stone form a protective layer, protect the fuselage, reduce wear.The whole machine is durable.

4、The space between the impact plate and the hammer is simple to adjust, the material size is easy to control, and the particle shape is good.

5、Adjustable size of finished products and simple crushing process;

Working Principle

Impact crusher by providing a sudden impact, make the material scattered along the stone's weakest fissures, rotor driven by power motor rotating at high speed when the material into the hammer function area, hit with the hammer on the rotor faults, and then thrown to the impact position for broken again after that, they impact from wrist plate rebound hammer impact area to smash the process again repeat material from big to small to repeatedly broken when materials crushed to the required size, it's from the outlet by adjusting the impact between the rotor and clearance, can change the material discharging size and shape.


Model Size of rotor (mm) Feed opening (mm) Max. feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power of Motor (kW) Overall Dimensions (mm) Weight (t)
PF1010 Φ1040×1000 510×1040 200 50-90 75(100) 12.5 2455×2090×2800
PF1210 Φ1260×1050 465×1155 250 70-130 110(150) 16 2582×2052×2810
PF1214 Φ1260×1400 465×1485 300 90-180 132(175) 18.5 2582×2410×2810
PF1315 Φ1280×1500 700×1540 300 120-250 200(270) 21 2930×2765×3053