Artbee - Designed by a mother for her child

At Artbee, we have set the highest standards (based on the ideas and concepts of mothers), in order to provide parents, carers and especially children a unique product experience. Indeed, practical considerations factor into the equation in a very special way from the very beginning:
Storage space, entertainment factor, cost-effectiveness

For this reason, Artbee products are:

  • Folding and collapsible – they can be very easily moved and stored
  • Multifunctional, in order to fully enable various play and user experiences
  • Value for money owing to multiple applications

The first thing in focus with all our developments is always the children. In order to do justice to the special needs of early childhood development, Artbee products fulfill the function of the following things in particular:

  • A safe relaxation area
  • A creative and learning area
  • A playing and discoveries area

Based on our ideas and concepts, with our products we intend to provide children with a safe and familiar haven which is supposed to be conducive to children’s development in a special way.

As far as children are concerned, safety is another concern which always comes to the fore. For this reason, from the beginning we have purposely used only proven and recognised materials (PU covers and PE foam) which are free of toxins, heavy metals (RCRA8) and formaldehyde.

Artbee products also assure children a special kind of safety in the following ways:

  • The surfaces are non-skid and odourless
  • They are especially stable thanks to a thorouigh multi-layer foam
  • They are ultra-light but they do not skid on floors (thanks to the silicone adhesive mats that are supplied)

Of course, with children‘s products, hygiene plays a special role. Artbee products are especially hygienic, as their surfaces are very easy to wash and all residues present with them can be fully dispelled in this way.

The ease of use of our products means a hygienic product which is easy to store and which can even be washed in a washing machine if necessary (only the cover, and this must be in line with the relevant instructions). Artbee products also offer a noise-cancelling feature with jumps and kicks, in particular in houses which have multiple families living in them. Your neighbours will be pleased.

In our production work, all products are manufactured directly in our own Artbee factory in Korea, and are, for all the modern equipment that exists, finely handmade and free of toxic additives and adhesive. Our production work meets the most stringent requirements concerning environmental friendliness. We are especially proud of the fact that our development and production is 100% done by us and therefore also 100% independent of contract manufacturing arrangements in large factories. For our clients, this means:

  • Minimum price for high quality
  • Maximum adaptability and flexibility at client’s request

Compare our products and give us a try. You and your children will be enthused!

thickness: 40 mm



especially stable