The all-rounder from Artbee for higher demands.

The Houseguard combines all functions and innovations in a unique product.
Constructed as a Houseguard, it has 40cm high lateral walls which serve as both shock protection in a cuddle and play area, as well as the edge of a deep ball basin.
By the way, when it’s disassembled in its two component parts, you then have an innovative Housetent with all the special functions (see Housetent) or up to two large-scale playmats.

Patent in Design and Technology.

General Information:

material: PU cover,
0% formaldehyde, processing and coating using heat method
PE multilayer foam mat,
0% adhesives as a result of a costly high-pressure process
dimensions: L 120cm x W 110cm x H 120cm (house)
L 250cm x B 120cm (larger of the two mats)
thickness: >4cm
colors: Starbee
price: RRP: 399,50 EUR
Online Price: 349,50 EUR
fastening: zippers and clip closures

Unlike the "Housetent" the attachment in the tent-function is via clip fasteners and non-magnetic
General information on handling, durability and hygiene:
  • Especially hygienic, as the surface is easy to clean
  • Cover is machine-washable (this must be done in accordance with the relevant instructions)
  • Gentle and non-skid surface
  • Hidden zip pull
  • In (willful or negligent) damage by older children and adults we can generally not carry any warranty out!