The bestseller. Innovative and ingenious – in no time!

One of our most recommended products, a true all-rounder and the hit at the International Toy Fair 2015 in Nürnberg!
When this versatile mat is unfolded in the usual way, it can literally be turned into a tent in no time, without any complicated locking.
The ornately rounded lateral openings serve as entrances or windows, and can be variably opened and closed.
Finally, the Housetent is easy to set up and in this way it can be used as an ingenious, flexible room divider. Every child demands it as a retreat place – a "castle".
For example, you can locate the Housetent in the living room area, and offer your child the retreat space they need without having to be away from them.

Patent in Design and Technology.

General Information:

material: PU cover,
0% formaldehyde, processing and coating using heat method
PE multilayer foam mat,
0% adhesives due to consuming high-pressure process
dimensions: size L:
L 140cm x W 100cm x H 80cm (tent)
L 260cm x W 140cm (mat)
RRP: 249,50 EUR
Online Price: 199,50 EUR
size M:
L 120cm x W 80cm x H 70cm (tent)
L 220cm x W 120cm (mat)
RRP: 229,50 EUR
Online Price: 179,50 EUR
thickness: 4cm
colors: Starbee
fastening: Locking the tent over small, inside incorporated magnets. No impairment while playing because they are located below the soft and strong cover.
General information on handling, durability and hygiene:
  • Especially hygienic, as the surface is easy to clean
  • Cover is machine-washable (this must be done in accordance with the relevant instructions)
  • Gentle and non-skid surface
  • Hidden zip pull
  • Maximum resistance since no open or rigid closures. Generally no warranty with willful or negligent damage